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Add To Cart

Circus Bliss

Theater, Circus, Storytelling


Add To Cart is a 45 minute duo circus show, exploring themes of overconsumption, capitalism, minimalism, and the choices we make, both knowingly and unknowingly, in the human pursuit of happiness. The show features ground skills such as: partner acrobatics, dance, and balance work, centered around two shopping carts used as innovative ground apparatuses. With bright colors, a lot of costume changes, and some deep inner work to unlearn our shopping habits, Add To Cart is an activism comedy, suitable for all ages.

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Run Time: 45 mins
Ticket Price: $20
Venue: Circus Campus Dates: September 16, 2023

September 16, 2023 6.00pm

6452 Greene St

General Admission: $20

September 16, 2023 8.00pm

6452 Greene St

General Admission: $20

About the Artist

Circus Bliss was founded by Bliss Button-Hale as a digital community for circus education and lifestyle content. Circus Bliss, now in it's third year of operation, is expanding into a production company to support it's live audience, in addition to it's online presence. Bliss now works full-time alongside her performance/business partner Anthony Spatola. They are both 2023 graduates of Circadium School of Contempory Circus.

  • Bliss Button-HaleDirector/Artist
  • Anthony SpatolaDirector/Artist

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This event is appropriate for all ages

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