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fem baby

kaijo caggins



an experience of legs wide open and tongues touching
Uvulas vibrating

fem baby is nothing you need and everything you desire.

this performance is an experience of soundbody play in conversation with an audience. fem baby is based in improvisation, queer pleasure, Black feminist politics and gender fuckery. kaijo is researching themes of mess, mass, exhibition, fantasies and arousal. fem baby is interested in consensually fucking the audience and proposing questions pertaining to self, interdependence and late-stage capitalism. 

photo credits: Johanna Austin

Cannonball, produced by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, is the first and largest independent festival hub of the Philadelphia Fringe that presents risk-taking independent artists in back-to-back performances next to delicious lounge spaces, fostering creative collisions and community conversation.

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Run Time: 60 mins
Ticket Price: $25
Venue: The Icebox Project Space

Dates: September 4, 2023 - September 18, 2023

September 4, 2023 5.00pm

1400 N American St

General Admission: $25

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September 12, 2023 6.30pm

1400 N American St

General Admission: $25

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September 18, 2023 9.30pm

1400 N American St

General Admission: $25

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About the Artist

kaijo caggins (they/he) is a Black trans neurodivergent performance artist and educator. kaijo received their BFA in Dance from University of the Arts, under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield. kaijo is a 2023 Motive Brooklyn Space Grantee and is currently in collaboration with Curt Haworth + a community of Philadelphia based dance artists. kaijo observes experimental paths of possibility and radical defiance through pleasure in their performance practices. he works alongside objects, textures, sculpture, sound and atmosphere; with an emphasis on queer futures, absurdity and gender.

  • kaijo cagginsDirector & Performer
  • Blair Lauren Soundscore

Accessibility & Content Considerations

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This event is appropriate for ages 18+


Adult Language

Audience Interaction

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