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Here Be Sirens

Ex Anima Artists

Theater, Music, Immersive/Interactive Experience



Described by the New Yorker as "erudite, hilarious, furiously inventive," "Here Be Sirens" presents the daily life of three sirens, who kill time on their island as they await an endless procession of doomed sailors…the sirens re-enact the abduction of Persephone, encounter (and battle) their favored sisters the Muses, and leave no rock unturned to plumb the depths of their own origins in this work of "audacious, genre-bending music theater" (Wall Street Journal).

Drift into the “mystic misunderstood” as audience members are immersed in the psychological turmoil of three Siren sisters cursed to be alluring killers and set sail on a haunting, hilarious journey to self-discovery. Here Be Sirens is 100 minutes with no intermission. The performance is sung in English, Greek, and Latin and is presented as an Art Installation.

Performances are 9/7-8 at 7:00 pm and 9/9 at 2:00 pm.
The art installation is open to the public on 9/8 from 12:00 - 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

After each performance, the space will take on a new life as a walk through gallery. We invite audiences to get a closer look at the visual elements that makeup the story, alter your perspective, and experience the relationship between storytelling and visual materiality.

*Memory Swap: In order to interact with the space and each other, you are invited to bring a small item to leave upon the edge of the rocky shore. This item should hold a memory you want to let go of. In return you may take an item left by someone else.

Music and Text is by Kate Soper, with additional texts by Plato, Theobaldus of Cambridge, Horner, Erasmus, Raimbaud de Vacqueiras, Tibullus, Edna St. Vincent-Millay, Thomas Campion, Michael Drayton, Iamblichus, Dante, John Milton, and Sappho (translation by Anne Carson).

Run Time: 100 mins
Ticket Price: FREE
Venue: The Great Hall, Neighborhood House

Dates: September 7, 2023 - September 9, 2023

September 7, 2023 7.00pm

20 North American Street

General Admission: FREE

September 8, 2023 7.00pm

20 North American Street

General Admission: FREE

September 9, 2023 2.00pm

20 North American Street

General Admission: FREE

About the Artist

ExAA pursues unique collaborations with artists from all backgrounds and mediums. We desire exploration, invention, and authentic artistic cultivation. We care about new work, alternative perspectives, and carving out a space for Philadelphia’s creatives. Prima l’anima.

  • Scenic DesignerMarley Edelman
  • Scenic FabricatorEva Samuels
  • Peitho / ProducerMegnot Toggia
  • Phaino / ProducerMelanie Culhane
  • Polyxo / ProducerRachel DiBlasio
  • Anastassia VertjanovaStage Director

Accessibility & Content Considerations

Contact the Fringe Festival Box Office for up to date accessibility information.

This event is appropriate for ages 13+

Violent Content

Performance contains mild swearing and a scene of brief violence.

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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