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Mind the Gap

Shadow Company



They are angry, frustrated, full of woe and angst. But hey they are teenagers! Art therapy descends into surreal absurdity as a group of teens tries to process life and their emotions in todays world.

Mind the Gaps is a one-act play that explores the minds of the modern teenager and how they cope with environments that keep them isolated from others. Bullying, mental health and the post pandemic landscape comes into focus as these teens struggle to interact with each other and the world. As a group known for tackling serious issues in modern society, Shadow Company presents an original drama focusing on what the eyes don’t see and how society can improve at-large.

Run Time: 60 mins
Ticket Price: $10
Venue: Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center

Dates: September 8, 2023 - September 9, 2023

September 8, 2023 7.00pm

7 Lock Street

General Admission: $10

September 9, 2023 3.00pm

7 Lock Street

General Admission: $10

September 9, 2023 7.00pm

7 Lock Street

General Admission: $10

About the Artist

A performing arts company made of high school students, Shadow Company members learn about all aspects of the theater-making process, including on and offstage roles. With an ensemble-based methodology, they work with a director, professional artists and industry leaders to build their skills as artists, collaborators, leaders, and citizens.

Accessibility & Content Considerations

Contact the Fringe Festival Box Office for up to date accessibility information.

This event is appropriate for ages 13+

Adult Language

Adult Language

This performance contains the following content that individuals may find disturbing: topics of suicide, depression and anxiety, hate speech (homophobic, transphobic, racial), bullying, systems of oppression, objectification of minors and sexual language.

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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