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/red room/

Curlyfish Productions

Theater, Visual Art, Immersive/Interactive Experience


There’s a room and everything is red.
“You mean you’ve been locked up in this stupid room since yesterday making nothing?”
They’re painting, they’ve been painting, and everything is red.
it’s them it’s them it’s them
everything is--
They stare at the self-portrait, and everything is red.

/red room/ is: a live reading, an interactive gallery, a world-premiere; a place to reveal, find, destroy, and let go.

/red room/ is a multi-meta-physical experience encompassing poetry, artwork, and immersive theatre. Poetic, erratic, disjointed, /red room/ challenges the traditional performance framework, exploring loss of self and the gravity of its grievance. The experience centers around the live reading of a narrative that explores themes of identity and self-portraiture.

Under the lull of the narrative, we invite only the silence of the space, and the secrets of rebuilding.

Since 1978, the Friends of Laurel Hill has continued to serve as stewards of two historic cemeteries as well as curating year-round programs, tours, and events. Laurel Hill East is a Victorian cemetery founded in 1836, a National Historic Landmark, and an immersive outdoor performance environment for shapeshifters and taphophiles.

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Run Time: 45 mins
Ticket Price: $20
Venue: Laurel Hill East Cemetery

Dates: September 14, 2023

September 14, 2023 7.00pm

Laurel Hill East

3822 Ridge Avenue

General Admission: $20

September 14, 2023 8.30pm

Laurel Hill East

3822 Ridge Avenue

General Admission: $20

About the Artist

Curlyfish Productions is the metamorphosis of Curly (Aimee, she/her) and Fish (Doriane, they/she). Unapologetically Jewish and Queer, Curlyfish is dedicated to the dynamic development of untold stories by local Philadelphia artists, through a new perspective onstage.

Art is our tool to:
recognize the unrecognizable, explore the known as an unknown, and above all, challenge.

Doriane is a playwright, photographer, and performer. They’re intrigued by the unusual. As a writer, they explore the depths of mental health and stories society prefers to discard. Outside of the arts, she is a Security+ certified IT professional who enjoys playing Tetris.
Aimee is a Philadelphia-based performer, producer, and project manager. She enjoys exploring how creativity and organization can work in tandem.

Previous collaborations include Untold: A 10-Minute Playfest.

  • Aimee GoldsteinProducer
  • Shea SonskyActor
  • Composer
  • Doriane FeinsteinProducer
  • Playwright
  • Photographer
  • Sara HenyaHarpist
  • Composer

Accessibility & Content Considerations

Contact the Fringe Festival Box Office for up to date accessibility information.

This event is appropriate for ages 18+

Adult Language

Audience Interaction

Content Warnings: implied abuse, implied self-harm, implied/vague description of rape/assault, depression/anxiety, described/depicted breakdown/panic attack(s), and references to suicide ideation.

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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