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The Comments Section Live

Nicole Phoenix

Comedy & Improv


The Comments Section is a rollercoaster that proudly shines a vibrant spotlight on the unapologetic brilliance and unmatched wit of Black women and Queer folx in comedy.

From hilarious punchlines to fearless storytelling, this show pushes the boundaries of humor and paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive comedic landscape. Join us on this groundbreaking journey where laughter knows no limits, Black girls reign supreme, and comedy reaches new heights.

Crossroads Comedy Theater is a roaming home for comedy shows, classes, and podcasts. Whether you like to sit back and watch improv, sketch comedy, stand-up, storytelling, or any other type of comedy or are interested in learning how to do those things- they got your back!

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Run Time: 60 mins
Ticket Price: $18
Venue: Theatre Exile

Dates: September 14, 2023

September 14, 2023 9.00pm

1340 S 13th St

General Admission: $18

About the Artist

Nicole Phoenix, a visionary comedian, and trailblazing entertainer, has fearlessly carved her path in the world of comedy, leaving an indelible mark on the stage. At the forefront of her remarkable journey is "The Comments Section, " a monthly live comedy variety show that has become an exhilarating platform for showcasing the extraordinary talent of Black female performers and female performers of color. Through this groundbreaking endeavor, Nicole has not only cultivated a devoted following but also transformed the comedy landscape by amplifying voices that were long overdue for recognition.

Accessibility & Content Considerations

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This event is appropriate for ages 18+

Adult Language

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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