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What Does Lemon Sound Like?

Margin Tianya Zheng

Music, Immersive/Interactive Experience, Art for Young Audiences (Kids Fringe), Workshop


A multi-sensory music-making workshop for kids. Participants will make connections between sound and other senses, learn about graphic music scores, and work together to create a 3D music score using everyday objects to perform for their families. Sep. 23 is for ages 4-7, Sep. 24 for ages 7 & up.

What is a graphic music score?

Music scores aren't always notes on five-line staves. They can consist of pictures (graphic score), words (text score), and other stimuli that provide either explicit instructions or creative inspiration for a performance. Non-traditional scores such as graphic scores can help make music creation and performance more accessible for people who have not been trained in traditional music theory. They are also fun to make and perform! In this workshop, the score will consist of everyday objects such as fuzzy fabrics, colorful blocks, and zesty lemons that participants will place around the room and interact with when performing. Small musical instruments will be provided for kids to use, and they are welcome to bring other sound-makers they have as well.

Is this event suitable for my kid(s)?  

If your child likes being creative and is willing to collaborate with other children to make and perform a multi-sensory score, they might enjoy this workshop! All musical backgrounds and movement abilities are welcome. Bright/flashing lights and loud/overstimulating sounds will be avoided (Margin, the facilitator, is sensitive to these things themself). Children are welcome to bring any comfort items and other supports they may need/desire.

This new annual hub, curated by Philly Children's Theatre is the perfect opportunity to let your imaginations run wild through the power of art. Join us Sept 23 & 24 at the Boys and Girls Club of West Philadelphia in Cobbs Creek for two full days of art-making, music-creating, dance-grooving workshops. Plus interactive performances of opera, theatre, storytelling, and dance.

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Run Time: 45 mins
Ticket Price: FREE
Venue: West Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club

Dates: September 23, 2023 - September 24, 2023

September 23, 2023 3.15pm

Caring People Alliance West Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club

5843-55 Catharine St

General Admission: FREE

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September 24, 2023 2.00pm

Caring People Alliance West Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club

5843-55 Catharine St

General Admission: FREE

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About the Artist

Margin Tianya Zheng | 郑天涯 is a performer-composer, interdisciplinary artist, maths-lover, and educator striving for justice, care, and joy. As a performer of keyboard instruments (piano, harpsichord, toy piano), they are passionate about both experimental contemporary music and historically informed performance. This year, Margin was selected to present their autobiographical solo work fluxing, quivering, transforming, a fusion of contemporary classical piano and performance art, at New Music Gathering in Portland, Oregon. In June 2023, they were a Composition Fellow at Nief-Norf Summer Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee, where their work freeing child, which uses a text score and invites performers to reflect upon childhood, was premiered. Margin is also an alum of Wildflower Composers Festival. Mildly quaint, massively quirky, and madly queer, they are a proud owner of emotional support stuffed animals and high-fidelity earplugs. Margin graduated from Haverford College in May 2023 with a BA in music and in mathematics.

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This event is appropriate for all ages

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