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How it Works

The Philly Fringe Model

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival operates under an Open Access BYO Venue model. This means that anyone with a show, a place to perform, and the ability to meet festival deadlines can participate!

Festival performances and events include theatre, dance, film screenings, immersive experiences, installation and gallery artwork, workshops and much much more! There is no jury, lottery, or limit to the number of artists welcomed into the annual Festival.

1. Sign Up

Artists register their shows and submit all information by the festival deadlines, receiving help along the way from the FringeArts team. Registration takes place on Eventotron.com

2. Going Live

FringeArts takes that information and creates the Fringe Festival Print Guide, event pages on PhillyFringe.org, and tickets for each show. Audiences can see what shows are coming & buy tickets through the festival box office.

3. Festival Time!

Events take place all over the city of Philadelphia produced by artists of all disciples.

4. Wrapping Up

At the end of the festival, artists celebrate the festival closing and receive payment for their ticket income. The next year dates are determined and we start again!

For full information about how to produce a Fringe Festival performance or event, take a look at the helpful workshops, guides, and resources in the Artist Resource Center.


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