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Producing Your Show in Philly Fringe

The Philly Fringe utilizes the Open Access BYOVenue model. Registered artists are automatically approved into the festival, and are responsible for securing a venue and self-producing their events. The Festival offers support through marketing, workshops, one-on-one producing consultations, ticket management, and more.

We also partner with Festival Hubs, including Cannonball, Circus Campus, and Glen Foerd. Each of these hubs offers unique artistic opportunities, including venue rental packages and access to communities of artists and audiences. Shows that a part of a hub are also part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

FringeArts manages the festival platform and services, but finding a venue, picking your dates, and attracting audiences is up to you! Take a look at the sections below to see if the Philadelphia Fringe Festival will work for you and your show.

All participants pay a $20 Registration Fee (+$55 for Late Finalization after June 15)

Registration is through Eventotron*. When you go to the registration link, you will be asked to sign-in or create an account. If you have any trouble with Eventotron, please feel free to reach out to the Fringe Festival Manager, Simon Rabinowitz at Simon@FringeArts.com

*If you are participating in the Cannonball Hub, you do not need to register your show through Eventotron. Registration will be handled internally by the Cannonball team.

Complete Registration by June 15, 2024 to be included in the Fringe Festival Print Guide!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can produce a show in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival! There is no jury, lottery, or participation limit.

All applicants are accepted as long as they follow the festival rules, and meet participation deadlines. Performances and events of all kinds are featured in the annual festival including circus, dance, theatre, interactive experiences, film screenings, and much more.

From experienced producers to first time performers, the FringeArts team is here to help you through the Philadelphia Fringe Festival process and provide you with the tools you need to self-produce.

Take a look at the archive of Philadelphia Fringe Festival Guides to learn more about the artists who have participated.

Do you need help rounding out your production team? Are you looking to work on shows this fringe? You can fill out this form to foster connections between shows and technicians.

Why register a show in the Philly Fringe Festival?

Artists register in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival for many reasons. Primarily, artists use the platform to reach a larger potential audience than they would if they presented and marketed the work on their own. Many use the Fringe Festival as an opportunity to “test out” new work on Fringe audiences open to experimental and unconventional performances.

Registered events receive:

  • A listing in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival Print Guide
  • An event page on PhillyFringe.org
  • Ticketing services through the Festival Box Office
    • Artists keep 90% of pre-sale ticket income and 100% of walk up ticket income
  • Free show signage
  • Social Media engagement with FringeArts platforms
  • Artist Badges for $5 Rush Tickets & more
  • Support & guidance from the FringeArts staff

How Do I Register a Show?

Registration for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival occurs on Eventotron.com. The information submitted is then used to create your show’s web page, print guide listing, and tickets.

To register, simply create an account on Eventotron, find the Philadelphia Fringe Festival under the Festivals tab, and click Apply.

Artists must register and submit all information before June 15, 2024 in order to be included in the printed Fringe Festival Guide. Artists may register early for additional benefits, while those registered after June 15 will be included in the festival, without receiving full festival benefits. To receive the highest quality festival experience, it is strongly encouraged to register your show as early as possible!

Shows are not considered “registered” until completing and submitting all show information.

Shows participating in the Cannonball Hub do not need to register their own information through Eventotron. Registration will be handled internally by the Cannonball team.


Artist Checklist

Before registering, make sure you have secured or considered all of the following:

  A Venue

  Show/Event Title

  Show Dates, Times & Ticket Prices

   General Liability Insurance (easily acquired through our partner, Eventsured, or by your preferred provider)

   A Budget

  Show Image (1080 x 1080 Pixel Square for print guide and web page)

  A simple (300 character) and a detailed (2000 character) description of your show for festival marketing

   Content warnings, appropriate age range, and accessibility considerations

There is a lot that goes into producing an event but this is a good place to start! If you have questions about self-producing and need some guidance, contact Simon@FringeArts.com.

What to Do When

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival preparation season begins in October as we plan for the next September. Preparing for the festival can take many months as an artist, so consider this timeline a guide for what to tackle first!


Decide if you are participating in the next festival and join the FringeArts mailing list for news and updates.


Begin to gather the materials on the Before You Register Checklist and read through the helpful guides in the Artist Resource Center. 


Confirm Your Venue
March is generally the time that Festival Hubs engage in their calls for artists and experienced festival producers begin their venue search.

Register Early 
To ensure you are on track, try to register your show as early as you can. This ensures that you and your performance will receive all the benefits available to you and gives the FringeArts marketing team time to include your show in early announcements.

Generate Your Marketing Materials & Plan
Don’t wait to gather your images, copy, and other marketing materials. Get a good show image, design your posters, postcards, or whatever materials you intend to distribute, and consider your marketing plan.

Attend Festival Workshops
The FringeArts team hosts helpful workshops for festival participants every year. These are great opportunities to learn and ask questions!



Complete Registration
To be included in the Fringe Festival Print Guide and avoid late fees, finalize all of your show details by June 15.


Late Registration
Artists that finalize their show information after June 15 are subject to late fees and are not included in the Print Guide, but may still participate in the festival! Shows with all information finalized by August 1 will be included on phillyfringe.org and will be ticketed through the Festival Box Office.

Final Preparations
Don’t wait until the festival begins to ask questions and make sure you have all of your details squared away! If you have any final questions or concerns, this is the time to ask! Contact Simon@FringeArts.com with any questions.


It’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival Time! But the work is not done. Remember to keep track of your ticket sales, report attendance in Eventotron.com and answer the Post-Festival Participation Survey

Get Paid!
Ticket income is sent to artists on a rolling basis as their shows close. In order to be paid as soon as possible, complete and submit the ACH Direct Deposit form when filling in your payment details in Eventotron. If you are an artists using a Festival Hub, be sure you understand your hubs ticket split policy and timeline!
If you have any questions about your ticket income payment, contact Finance@FringeArts.com


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