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Fringe Festival Hubs


Apply to be part of a 2024 Festival Hub!

Each of our Hubs operate on different models, offer varying levels of support, and have their own selection criteria. Read more about 2024 Hubs to see if one might be a good fit for your show.


September 1st-29th

Venue Locations:
Maas Building (1320 N 5th St)
Icebox Project Space (1400 N American St)
Christ Church (20 N American St)
Liberty Lands Park (913 N 3rd St)

Registration Deadlines: Artist Call Closes on 4/16

About: As the first and largest hub of the Philly Fringe, Cannonball explodes across four venues and seven stages during the whole month of September, presenting risk-taking new work from independent artists. By presenting works back-to-back, surrounded by delicious lounge spaces, we foster creative collisions and community conversation. We offer artists the option to buy-in, co-produce, and apply for paid special presentation tracks.

Circus Campus Presents

September 5th – 29th

Venue Location:
Circus Campus, West Mt. Airy (6452 Greene St.)

Registration Deadlines: May 1st

About: Join the vibrant community at Circus Campus! We foster a tight-knit group of creators showcasing incredible skills. We invite you to experience the excitement at our workshops & shows. Circus Campus is an educational headquarters & home to unique talent. Be a part of this extraordinary community!


Glen Foerd

September 5th-29th

Venue Location:
Glen Foerd, 5001 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Registration Deadlines: May 1st

About: Glen Foerd draws inspiration from its rich architectural heritage, art collections, historical artifacts, and lush gardens to offer immersive experiences that merge the natural and cultural ecosystems of Philadelphia. This Gilded Age historic house offers a multitude of unique settings for storytelling and atmosphere that can transport audiences through time, and the 18-acre grounds provide a lush and interesting background for a large variety of performances. Accessible from I-95 and Regional Rail, Glen Foerd offers a glimpse into Industrial Era Philadelphia in ways no other space can.



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