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Edward and Christine


Anna, Deb and Tia

Theatre, Interactive/Immersive Experience, Storytelling

Digital Fringe

Edward and Christine meet, fall in love, get married, procreate, get divorced. Only, they do it completely out of order and with talking bunnies, hungry statues, cannibals and a host of other witnesses and players both real and imagined.

This unique poem-play by Kenneth Koch is presented in a Zoom room for an intimate audience. Join Tia as she performs from her living room (with accidental special guests, son and cat? We’ll see!).

You’ll be invited to keep your cameras on…have a few of your own pre-gathered objects near…and embrace the delightful messiness of love, life, AND Zoom/living room theatre!

This DC Metro Theater Arts “staff favorite” show runs approximately 75 minutes, and is recommended for adults and ages 13+. It is co-produced by Anna Lathrop, Deb Sivigny, and Tia Shearer Bassett; Directed by Anna Lathrop; Designed by Deb Sivigny; and performed by Tia Shearer Bassett, who was supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland.


Anna Lathrop (director; also a transdisciplinary artist and researcher with resting skepticism face), Deb Sivigny (designer; also a multidisciplinary artist, educator and octopus of ideas), and Tia Shearer Bassett (performer; also a writer, a most badass goober and a cancer survivor) are brilliant pals who spent five years on-and-off working on this beautiful avant-garde EPIC of a play. As Deb put it: “We worked together as a trio where ideas and roles overlapped and complemented each other. What a dream!”

September 8, 15, 22, 29, 75 min. duration, PWYC $5+


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