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Myles Away


Chronic Insanity

Immersive/Interactive Experience, Theatre 

Digital Fringe

“Being an ally is all well and good, but how far will you go to do the right thing, especially when your livelihood is on the line.”

Myles Away follows the founder of a tech company who gets laid off just before their annual product launch. The eyes of the industry are on the company’s flagship artificially intelligent Virtual Reality product, but will they want all the attention on them once Myles has finished interfering with their event, with your help of course.

Using video, audio, and interactivity, Myles Away looks at the relationship between capitalism and discrimination in the tech industry and asks how far we as consumers are willing to go to make a positive change in life. A critically acclaimed immersive show from award winning UK-based theatre company Chronic Insanity.

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Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based theatre company that creates and facilitates live events in a variety of traditional, found, and digital spaces. We have staged over 100 productions in the past 5 years, making work accessibly, affordably, sustainably, and inclusively. We seek to change the definition of what theatre can be by playing with form, genre, medium, and technology. We follow Staging Change guidelines, actively provide opportunities for theatre makers from all backgrounds, and record how each production is made so people can learn from them. We can often be found running the UK’s first dedicated digital theatre literary department, managing our cave based arts venue underneath Nottingham, The Void, and staging at least 12 shows every 12 months.

Available September 1-30, 60 min. duration, PWYC $0+


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