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Red Breast


Chronic Insanity


Digital Fringe

This is a story about the coming together and pulling apart of a family across multiple generations.

Alister misses his wife, and spends his days reminiscing about their time together. On the other side of the country, Lily and Alex are planning their wedding and hoping nothing gets in the way. Meanwhile, 15 years ago, Vivian reflects on her life up to this point, her diagnosis, and how her husband will cope with her not being around soon.

Red Breast is the coming together and intermingling of the inner monologues of these four individuals. An audio play recorded using binaural sound, the audience is placed in the centre of the action, with the loss, love, and revelations between the characters taking place in the space around you.

Winner of Best Audio Experience at the 2022 Off West End Awards


Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based theatre company that creates and facilitates live events in a variety of traditional, found, and digital spaces. We have staged over 100 productions in the past 5 years, making work accessibly, affordably, sustainably, and inclusively. We seek to change the definition of what theatre can be by playing with form, genre, medium, and technology. We follow Staging Change guidelines, actively provide opportunities for theatre makers from all backgrounds, and record how each production is made so people can learn from them. We can often be found running the UK’s first dedicated digital theatre literary department, managing our cave based arts venue underneath Nottingham, The Void, and staging at least 12 shows every 12 months.


Available September 1-30, 60 min. duration, PWYC $0+


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