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Some Other Mirror


Chronic Insanity


Digital Fringe

A solo show about a gender identity crisis, in the high-pressure isolation of lockdown. The performer fights to come to terms with being a trans man, and on his journey, is visited by alternative versions of himself who offer various kinds of advice. The show explores a transmasculine experience of feminism, internalised transphobia, self-love, self-hatred and self-actualisation, with audiences calling it ‘a captivating look at a trans experience’ and ‘a beautiful, thought-provoking tour de force’. This autobiographical performance is written and performed by Laurence Owen and produced by award-winning theatre company, Chronic Insanity. 

Filmed at Nonsuch Studios, Nottingam, UK after it’s critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe

Nominated for the Birds of Paradise Emerging Talent Award

⭑⭑⭑⭑ – Neurodiverse Review


Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based theatre company that creates and facilitates live events in a variety of traditional, found, and digital spaces. We have staged over 100 productions in the past 5 years, making work accessibly, affordably, sustainably, and inclusively. We seek to change the definition of what theatre can be by playing with form, genre, medium, and technology. We follow Staging Change guidelines, actively provide opportunities for theatre makers from all backgrounds, and record how each production is made so people can learn from them. We can often be found running the UK’s first dedicated digital theatre literary department, managing our cave based arts venue underneath Nottingham, The Void, and staging at least 12 shows every 12 months.


Available September 1-30, 47 min. duration, PWYC $5+


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