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Ruth Anne Wood/ Scripting For Success LLC

Immersive/Interactive Experience,  Storytelling

Digital Fringe


A Life Steeped in Storytelling and Wellness

Ruth’s journey began in the 1990s with a deep dive into Oriental Medicine. This path led her to discover the profound impact of thoughts and emotions on physical health. Over the years, she has touched thousands of lives through her healing touch and wellness expertise, but it was her passion for words and stories that became her powerful elixir. By treating stories like acupressure points for the mind, body, and spirit, Ruth has helped clients break free from limitations, solve problems, and achieve their dreams.

Empowerment Through Clarity and Creativity

Ruth’s unique approach involves measuring the power of thoughts and emotions within stories, business documents, and marketing strategies. Her magic touch helps clients gain clarity, confidence, and a keen eye for new opportunities, all while nurturing the intuition to recognize helpful patterns. Her talents extend to theater, personal development, painting, art, music, and improv comedy, making her talks, performances, and workshops engaging and transformative experiences.

Ruth is an exhibited painter and collage artist, produced playwright, podcast host, NGO delegate for the United Nations, and serves on the United Nations task force for Global Interactions and is an executive board member for Twilight Wish Foundation.

Available September 5-29, 30 min. duration, PWYC $5+


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