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A Patchwork of Stories for GrownUps


Categories: Interdisciplinary, Literary, Theater

Dates: September 25, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild presents A Patchwork of Stories for Grown Ups, featuring an eclectic mix of tales and tellers for story-lovers everywhere on Saturday, September 25 @ 7 PM EST. According to Denise McCormack, president of Patchwork, “Storytellers traditionally tell to live and intimate audiences, but we’re delighted to be able to bring our stories, with all of their integrity and charm, right into people’s homes. It’s thrilling to see that this age-old art form has found a place on such a broad, accessible, and diverse platform, and we’re eager to use it. The stories are incredible and run the gamut from folk and fairy tales to personal memoir, each one as unique as the teller who tells it. This really promises to be a great show, and the audience can sit back and relax and just enjoy the experience of imagining those once-upon-a-times that capture our fancies and our hearts, right from their own living rooms.” 

Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild

Patchwork incorporated in 1984 in response to the decline of storytelling in the oral tradition and continues to promote storytelling as a vibrant, contemporary art form, as well as a folk tradition, a way of celebrating life, and a tool for personal and social transformation.

Our vision is to enable storytellers a forum to make complex ideas plain and meaningful through the art of storytelling, to highlight that similarities outweigh differences among people and cultures, and to forge paths to informed and humane decision-making.

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