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Adam Sandler Jury Duty

GamePlay Theatre Lab


Categories: Theater, Immersive/Interactive Experience

Dates: September 10, 2023 - September 24, 2023

Run Time: 35 mins

Venue: MAAS Cottage


Do you love Adam Sandler? Do you hate Adam Sandler? Do you know who Adam Sandler is? If you answered yes, this is the show for you.

You and 11 other “recently deceased” audience members arrive at the agnostically ambiguous afterlife, only to be immediately slapped with a jury summons. Yuck! Who’s on the stand? Actor and comedian Adam Sandler, of course. Over the course of the trial, lawyers both for and against Adam will present you with their “evidence”, telling a campy patchwork story of Adam’s life that blends his movies with the reality. You’ll be asked to love him. You’ll be asked to hate him. You’ll probably feel indifferent about him. But you have to pick a side, as by the end you’ll be asked to use your judgment to make an impossible decision: does Adam deserve to go to the “good place”, or the “bad place?”

Adam Sandler Jury Duty is a 35 minute campy interactive romp with an all trans/gender nonconforming cast that aims to pit you against your friends in an ideological debate over the morality of Adam Sandler, creating a theatrical experience that’s equally stupid as it is introspective.

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About the Artist

GamePlay Theatre Lab is an artists collective creating new interactive choose-your-own-adventure plays that give each audience member direct control over each performance. Whether the shows are silly, scary, somber, sexy, or all of those at once, know you’ll have a direct hand in everything each step of the way. Founded in 2021, we believe in a queerer, more accessible, more diverse theater, hoping to bring in folks who don’t normally attend live performances by offering a quirky, more active alternative. You’ll get loud, you’ll make choices, and you’ll have a new experience every time.


  • Blake LaisureDefense
  • Cessie Yu LingProsecution
  • Kaitlyn ZionAdam Sandler

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