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Categories: Theater

Dates: September 21, 2022 - September 25, 2022

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Studio


The naked truth is exposed in this boldly dark, intimate and intense retelling of Genesis where lovers are plunged into an existential crisis after a feeding frenzy for knowledge using karaoke-style pop music, wild projections and
loads of live apple-eating.

Mad Paradox

A unique blend of truth and artifice for a stimulating contradiction to the conventional performance experience. We create performances that are directly inspired by the writings of the “Mad” Antonin Artaud, particularly his theories on Theatre of Cruelty. Interpreting these methodologies for the modern age, our company stimulates the senses by utilizing technical elements such as trance-inducing pulses, wild projections, bleak yet messy sets, olfactory provocations and intense soundscapes. We often incorporate recordings, interview-based oral history and ethnodramatic techniques to transpose story to stage. We will exploit our own personal experiences to facilitate the deepening of a narrative that further humanizes the fictional characters we portray. We aim to provide, above all, a deeply sensorial experience for the audience, engaging both mind and body. Many people have labelled this type of show “Immersive theatre” - while this is pretty accurate, we’re not so sure we would really limit what we do to just into this category. Our shows are certainly a strange blend. It’s a complex weaving in and out of reality. When watching, it’s sometimes hard to tell where life ends and theatre begins. The result is an unique performative “Paradox” - an absurd, yet intimate - and often uncomfortable - contradiction to conventional theatre practices. We are bold. We are risky. We are intense.


Created and performed by Marissa Blair and Jeroen Lindeman 


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