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Afternoon of an Alter


Categories: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Theater

Dates: September 23, 2022 - October 2, 2022

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Headlong Dance Theater


Come wrangle with reality at a Rodeo Biscuit Bar aboard a spaceship bound for LadyPrince Planet with your pilot, Ew, the dancer. Cowboy Waitress, Mad Donna, Yung&Bizzy, and others will keep you (and Ew) company during the journey. BYOSelves.

Afternoon of an Alter is a physical-dance-theater-esque collage, an existential romp with sympathetic characters: Yung&Bizzy is the embodiment of Emmett’s flight response, LadyPrince is a fighter, Fawn freezes, and there’s a few personas there to soothe. This piece is interactive by choice and invites witnesses to honor and laugh at the coping mechanisms of our nervous systems in a time of crisis. We can heal together by sharing time, space, and energy in honest-to-ourselves jest. 

Emmett Wilson

Emmett Wilson is also called ‘Ew! the dancer’ amongst other names that are all connected to stories they tell with their body. They sprouted in Houston, grew a lot in Salt Lake City, where they made many performances while working as the community garden coordinator of The City Library; and they are now planted in Philadelphia. Their practice hinges upon embodying distinct sides of themselves and collaborating with others including the vast environment in which they move. Emmett is a board member, choreographer, and performer for DEXO (Deseret Experimental Opera). They have designed and taught embodiment workshops for the Out Loud youth group at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Alphabet Soup at SLCPL, Queer Spectra and the STEM Community Alliance Program with the University of Utah. Emmett has performed both solo and with groups in Houston, SLC, Moab, Atlanta, Brooklyn, NYC, Richmond, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Berlin. Emmett is a recent graduate of the Crestone Healing Arts Center and is emerging as a healing artist practicing various modalities of bodywork.


Emmett Wilson- soloist and producer, Nora Lang- stage manager, busboy of the Rodeo Biscuit Bar


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