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Alas, Confederates

Lights, Theatre, Action!


Categories: Theater, Storytelling

Dates: September 10, 2023 - September 24, 2023

Run Time: 80 mins

Venue: Horan Studio Theater at the Arden


Greytown, Nicaragua. 1899. An old Rebel general pens his Civil War memoirs. Using a local girl as his stenographer, the recollections come easily, until the writing session when he tries to remember the third day at Gettysburg.

This is the final play from the Trilogy of the Confederacy, written by Virginia playwright James F. Bruns. First came, Confederates (2016) reviewed by DC METRO ARTS writing, “If you are a Civil War buff and a theater lover, this is the show for you” and then, the controversial Black Confederates (2018) called “compelling” by DCist magazine. Both of these plays premiered at the Washington D.C. Capital Fringe Festival.

Since 2015, Lights, Theatre, Action! a DC based theatre company has been presenting provocative historical plays out of America’s storied past.


About the Artist

Since 2015, Lights, Theatre, Action! has been presenting controversial, American history plays written by Virginia playwright James F. Bruns. All premiered at the Washington D.C. Capital Fringe and Baltimore’s Charm City Festivals. Using mainly amateur actors from Virginia, Maryland and the District the company has garnered multiple ‘Best of Fringe’ nominations. Starting with, American Lit described as “serious and intriguing” by the WASHINGTON POST. After that was Fatherland, a look back at the desperation of German Americans on the outset of WWII. In 2016, Confederates the first play in the Trilogy of the Confederacy called “compelling” by DCist magazine. And then two years later was the provocative work, Black Confederates. In 2017, a revisiting of the JFK assassination called Lancer and Lace described as, “gripping and a solid dramatic concept” by DC THEATRE SCENE. In 2019, Caribbean Command an Iraq War drama viscerally hated by the critics was presented. Although, in 2023 an excerpt from this play titled, The Volunteer was published in the Qutub Minar Review, an international anthology of short plays.


  • James F. BrunsPlaywright/Director
  • Bill BodieActor
  • Christine HardyActor
  • Stephanie ZambranoActor
  • Tom FieldsActor
  • Vedant SharmaActor

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