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All My Little Words

Ashley Hollingshead


Categories: Theater, Immersive/Interactive Experience, Storytelling

Dates: September 24, 2023 - September 27, 2023

Run Time: 45 mins

Venue: Fidget Space


Are you an artist?
Or a person who’s made things?
Or a human who has failed at something?

Have you ever thought “I’m afraid of being an artist who doesn’t make art”?

ALL MY LITTLE WORDS looks at what it means to fail at art. Or what it’s like to be afraid of failing at art. Which is to say, what it means to be an artist – though that depends upon the definition of “artist” that you use.

Using their long-time collaborator’s unfinished graduate playwriting thesis as a jumping off point, Ashley Hollingshead explores the idea of artistic failure, practice, and success. All the while examining their changing relationship with their own artistic practice in this interactive performance/lecture/essay. 

There is audience participation, but no one will be asked to come on stage or do anything where they are the focus. 

What others have said:

“That was really inspiring”

“Def shook by your piece. Already thinking about making more theatre on my way home”

“Thank you. These are things I think about all the time, and it was really great to hear someone talk about it.”

“This makes me want to go home and write”

“Great Show. Hit so hard, very impactful as an artist!”

“I’m really struggling in my artistic practice, so it was really cool to see this”

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About the Artist

Ashley Hollingshead (they/them) is a director, performer, and collaborator currently living on the unceded lands of
the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde/Portland, Or. They hold a MFA in European Devised Performance
Practice from Columbia College Chicago. Their practice mashes up personal narrative, queer culture, gentle audience particpation and dancing. Yes, there's always room for dancing. 


  • Ashley HollingsheadCreator/Performer

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