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Alternative Theatre Festival


Categories: Theater

Dates: September 17, 2021 - September 18, 2021

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: Platt Performing Arts House


Alternative Theatre Festival Shows 2021:

Once Upon A – 

Ever feel fixated on figuring out the meaning of a honeybun? Me neither. I would call this world a dystopia, but that assumes there is a system of meaningful suffering, but this play resides in themeaningless. No choices. Just words. Fun words. However, when the inhabitants bear witness to the story of Adam and Eve, they embark on a journey to better understand the world. Spoiler alert. They give up. Giving up is safe here.


The piece opens with the Speaker sitting upside down in his sublet apartment, meditating. He’s a straight, white, somewhat Catholic guy who spends most of his time on Zoom, doing schoolwork, and laying in bed with his Girlfriend. Together, the Speaker and his woman wonder what they can to spread more love. We follow the couple as they take to the streets of Philly. 

the dawn and her mothernight

A mother and a daughter.
A mother and another daughter.
A daughter and a mother who is another daughter.
A demand for catharsis.
A notion of wry autonomy.
A sea of messages passing through rotary phones.
All in the years before the Fall of Troy.


Both going through personal struggles of their own, two strangers Martha and Jonas are seeking out a fortune teller to gain some clarity in their lives and happen to arrive at the same time. When the fortune teller predicts that Martha is going to one day kill Jonas, showing them the knife, they are in complete shock and are unsure how to move forward. The fortune teller introduces the idea of cycles that always end in tragedy.

iNtuitons Experimental Theatre

iNtuitons Experimental Theatre is the University of Pennsylvania's only student-run experimental theatre group. iNtuitons comes from two words: intuition and automaton. The group was chartered to "attract people with diverse artistic interests and in order to provide an outlet for creative people whose ideas are too Classical or Avant-Garde to be supported by existing groups." We will alternate you.


Producer: Rachel Dennis Writers: Nick Plante, Drew Korn, Bilal Morsi, Keely Douglas


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