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Artifacts of No Consequence


Categories: Cabaret, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 16, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 50 mins

Venue: , THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Every act of remembering changes the memory. How do we see ourselves, when the most often-remembered stories become the most changed?
Artifacts of No Consequence is an interactive exploration and solo show. It takes place in the Cottage at the Maas building, placed in a real, live bedroom, with a bed and everything. You’ll have to walk behind the kitchen to get to it.

In this show, the audience is invited to take part in an effort of self-construction, archivism and preservation. We examine old photos, diary entries, and artifacts, all from 2011 or earlier.

Content warnings – the journals cover a good decade of life. In your time here, you may find writings about puberty, religion, misogyny, racism, anxiety, depression, war, infidelity, the end of friendships, the loss of a child. Interaction with the artifacts is always optional.

Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans is a theatre deviser and performer. Too often led by his own emotions, and too ready to share them, he aims to create community through art. Previous work: White Guy on the Bus (2020), Churn (2019), It Might Be About Babies (2018), Skills & Scars (2018). He has also presented interactive experiences through the Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours programming..

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