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Vanity Markee/ Bad Girls In Heels Company


Categories: Dance, Visual Art

Dates: September 21, 2023 - September 22, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins


“Awakening” is a powerful expedition into the depths of self-discovery, an extraordinary quest that unravels the layers of existence to reveal the profound truth: knowing who you are. It is a mesmerizing dance of personal growth and realization, where the spark of authenticity ignites, guiding you towards the essence of your being. With every step taken on this transformative journey, you transcend boundaries and uncover the brilliance that defines your unique identity. “Awakening” is the definitive testament to embracing your true self and unlocking the boundless potential within.

About the Artist

Vanity Mar’Kee is a Philadelphia Native who has been teaching and offering heels training since 2015. In 2021, she began her heels company Bad Girls In Heels. Their mission is to build character, confident and courageous women while maintaining an uplifting and supportive community. The ladies of Bad Girls In Heels have performed throughout the tristate area and have held open workshops to build women within their communities. To be INTELLIGENT, CONFIDENT, HUMBLE, TALENTED, TRUE TO YOURSELF and KNOWING WHO YOU ARE is what it means to be a Bad Girl In Heels. It’s more than being a dancer but instead being a well rounded women at all times in your everyday life.


  • Vanity MarkeeCompany Director/ Choreographer
  • Kai Rapelyea Artistic Director
  • Samara ByrdCompany Assistant/ Dancer
  • Tatiana GreerDancer
  • Trina Edwards Dancer
  • Monica HillDancer
  • Erin SandersDancer
  • Nadia BanguraDancer
  • Kayla McGill Dancer
  • Amber RanceDancer
  • Amber JacksonDancer
  • Tenee AshleyDancer
  • Tionna BennettDancer
  • Cara ReeseDancer
  • Sheena MooreDancer
  • RBK Agency Production Crew

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