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Benevolent Misconduct: A Vision for the Future of Art Making

Benevolent Misconduct Collective


Categories: Immersive/Interactive Experience, Party, Workshop

Dates: September 7, 2023

Run Time: 120 mins

Venue: Deep End Studios


Welcome to the Benevolent Misconduct Society!

Drawing on the work of Felix Rosado (Healing Futures Program Coordinator at the Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project) we will be gathering to examine what the abolition of our current funding systems in the arts could look like.

We will be adapting Felix’s work in abolition of the prison systems to examine these questions:

What needs do we have that aren’t being addressed by the current art funding systems?
What would a process in the community look like that can better address our needs?

Participants can expect to take part in small group dreaming exercises and ultimately share their vision with the larger group. This is a dreaming session, and the first of many to come.

About the Artist

Benevolent Misconduct is an emerging collective- of which you are invited take part. 

This collective asks how our systems of supporting artists can be egalitarian and inclusive. The current system of grants, residencies and the like are fundamentally exclusionary and symptomatic of a larger problem within the arts-- namely that our institutions are captialist, white supremecist and elitist in nature.

Benevolent Misconduct seeks to disrupt the current systems and institutions in the arts while dreaming forth processes in the artistic community that would support the needs of all artists.


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