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Bird on a Wire

Esther de Monteflores


Categories: Theater, Circus, Art for Young Audiences (Kids Fringe)

Dates: January 1, 1970


A stubborn pigeon won’t find a new perch and the circus artist is at her wits’ end trying to begin her daring performance.

A whimsical blend of circus and puppetry, Bird on a Wire delivers astonishing wire-walking, absurd humor, and an unlikely duet to charm audiences of all ages.


Promo Photo Credit: Michelle Bates

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About the Artist

"Esther de Monteflores, a big-eyed acrobat, does a graceful, playful turn on the slack wire." - The New York Times

Esther de Monteflores is an American circus artist, physical performer, and puppeteer. Esther is one of a tiny handful of circus performers in the USA specializing in the classic circus discipline of slackwire walking. Esther is the recipient of a Fellowship in Performing Arts from Artist Trust (Seattle, WA).

In her work, Esther seeks a balance between technical skill and expressive movement. Circus arts allow her to create work that is both intimate and spectacular, using the inherent element of risk to focus attention and spark imagination.


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