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Categories: Cabaret, Circus, Theater

Dates: September 24, 2022

Run Time: 70 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


Narratives of people’s relationships with their bodies have been collected and remastered to create a spoken word from which artists created circus movement elements that reflect these narratives conveying authentic storytelling. Narrative will span the myriad of relationships that people can have with their bodies, the equipment, and the audience. Each narrative can showcase a specific time or a specific relationship, understanding that the way we relate to our bodies changes over time and with various situations.

Thematic elements of access are used to broaden the way individual audience members connect to the work. Access includes the incorporation of an American Sign Language interpreter, exploration of the use of audio descriptions and various visual aids.

This show is presented as a double feature with STUNKERED: STUCK IN A BUNKER.  Buy one ticket and see both shows!

Watermelon Bathtub

Watermelon Bathtub is a partnership of circus artists working to explore pathways of storytelling by understanding and working with body identity and movement to reflect on social constructions in our communities.


Melissa Melon
Melissa studied Theatre Performance at Juniata College, where she trained in acting, movement expression, Skinner Releasing, Fitzmaurice Voicework, and was introduced to single point trapeze. She finally made her way to training at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

Melissa is skilled in aerial arts on the lyra, trapeze (single and double point), pole, lollipop, and sling. She is also trained in fire flow and safety. She is available for aerial bartending, as well. Her favorite thing to do is create beautiful flying and ambient acts.

Sarah Tuberty
Sarah Tuberty has her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from Boston University, and is currently beginning a PhD in Occupational Therapy at Texas Women's University this fall.
Sarah has studied and trained in accessible aerial arts, and has a particular interest in the psychosocial impacts of disability and disability identity. Especially in spaces where the disability narrative is so often told from individuals outside of the disability community. Her work is to showcase stories and perspective of the authentic disability narrative.
Sarah has trained internationally in the lyra, fabrics, pole, and trapeze.

Victoria Pirenoglu
A lover of movement from a young age, Victoria found circus at The Philadelphia Circus School of Arts in 2015. Building on a life-long foundation of hip hop and ballroom dancing, this discovery reignited her spark for expressing herself and telling stories through movement in the air.
Victoria is a full time circus coach at the Philadelphia School Circus School of Arts and performer. They have traveled up and down the east coast performing at places like The Muse, The Pool After Dark, and many others. She is excited to be working on this show and to give space to other performers!
She is fabulously entertaining with aerial acts such as: aerial fabric, lollipop Lyra, sling teardrop trapeze an


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