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Brain Bros Presents: Uber Chronicles


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Immersive, Storytelling

Dates: September 17, 2022 - September 18, 2022

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Alterra Productions


What does a guy do after Ubering from since before the pandemic to present day? Share stories and anecdotes about it, of course!

From the story of how I broke my wrist the same night I began my rideshare journey, to the wide range of customer experiences I would encounter along my 3,500+ rides, this show will be sure to ignite the curiosity and enlighten the viewer as I share ride stories from my ride shares.

Specificity of names and places may be changed to protect the privacy of those riders who chose so. Especially that one dog from that one time. As good as I am with dogs…I don’t actually speak doganese.

As an upcoming patron of the show, you can expect a nice casual ease into the flow. And yes there will be lots of random rhyming, both intentional and unintentional. Starting the summer of 2017 I began more consistently freestyle rapping the car, and now I sometimes walk around talking like Dr. Seuss.

I will share several stories from over the years and rides, and here’s the catch…one of the stories will be completely made up! It will be up the collective audience to help surmise which ones rang true and which one falls falsely flat. There will be a mixture of standupesque storytelling, freestyle moments, great audience interaction and prize winning moments, as well as a live performance of Chains n Whips (first single off upcoming Brain Bros album, dropping 2023). To close, we will have a small round of Q+A before I bid you all adieu.

You know you’ve paid over $75 for an hour-long rideshare before, so why not plop down $15 for an hour of me sharing rideshare stories? I look forward to seeing all of you soon, and don’t forget to tip your driver!

Narada Owens c/o Brain Bros Productions

The name Narada roughly means "to obtain knowledge and share with the world". Brain Bros Productions is a creative and collaborative collective meant to #sparktheconvo about various topics stemming from the mind of Narada. Narada is Brain Bros.


Narada Owens, principal performer

Jenna Buck, stage manager

Andrew Frye, music producer

Alterra Productions, creative consult and venue provision


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