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Case 84: Adopted in the U.S.A.

Edward Yoo Pokropski


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Visual Art, Storytelling

Dates: September 22, 2023

Run Time: 75 mins

Venue: Asian Arts Initiative


Case 84: Adopted in the U.S.A. On Friday, Sept. 22nd, Pokropski will perform an encore of the set. A comedy show meets a TED Talk, Case 84 sheds light on the underrepresented experience of adoptees. Over the course of an hour and aided by visuals ranging from family photos to images of Superman, Edward answers all the questions he gets about being adopted.

The show is an immersive journey through Edward’s experience growing up in Philadelphia, and touches on the influence of American media on identity, complex family dynamics, and ultimately what it means to be an American. There are silly, introspective, and also painful moments in the show, including Edward’s trip back to Seoul, Korea to learn more about his birth family. Edward’s delivery gives room for viewers to laugh while also reflecting on the universal themes of identity, belonging, and family. As Edward’s journey unfolds, viewers have the opportunity to learn alongside him, gaining insights into the challenges faced by adoptees and the power of self-discovery.

About the Artist

Edward is one of the Executive Producer of Asian Comedy Fest - the longest running all-Asian comedy fest in the country. Edward is also a Senior Writer/Producer at NBCUniversal. He has been nominated for a daytime Emmy twice and won zero times. He lives in NYC but grew up and went to school in Philly. 


  • Macy GohVisual Designer
  • Kevin Yamada Performance Coach

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