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Cirque Us Stories

Cirque Us


Categories: Theater, Circus, Dance, Art for Young Audiences (Kids Fringe)

Dates: September 8, 2023 - September 10, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: The Icebox Project Space


From the creators of RagTag: A Circus in Stitches and One Man’s Trash: A Repurposed Circus, Cirque Us Stories is an adventure that jumps off the pages as we put new spins, twists and flips into classic stories. This show features aerialists, jugglers, acrobats, contortionists and clowns in a page-turning show that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Cannonball, produced by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, is the first and largest independent festival hub of the Philadelphia Fringe that presents risk-taking independent artists in back-to-back performances next to delicious lounge spaces, fostering creative collisions and community conversation.

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About the Artist

Cirque Us is a Boston based circus entertainment and education company. We produce and tour full length, original work, as well as curate customized circus experiences.


  • Doug StewartProducer
  • Mariah FrakerArtist
  • Jeremy Cifonie Artist
  • Maeve BeckArtist
  • Tyler JacobsonArtist
  • Jordie Campbell Artist
  • Seth IngramArtist
  • Phoenix Baisa Artist

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