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Dawn States Dance Company


Categories: Dance

Dates: September 6, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 1440 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Dawn States Dance Company is an emergent dance company that centers disability as a viable and valuable approach to dance making. Disabled dancers curate the choreography and incorporate their perspective into the final performance. In addition, common access features such as sign language, audio description, and closed captioning are included as part of the performance. This current work examines the themes of connection, distance, closeness, and direction and explores this between the dancers and in embodied movements. This exploration came about during the pandemic and is made possible through the generous support of Axis Dance Company and the Mellon Foundation.

Dawn States Company

Dawn States Dance Company centers disabled dancers in the work and performance pieces and holds that disability is a viable and valuable approach to dance making. In addition to centering disabled dancers and perspectives, Dawn States Dance Company also provides common accessibility features such as audio description, sign language, access notes, and closed captions.


Dawn States, Director

Jamie Ray-Leonetti, Dancer

Shannon Brooks, Dancer 


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