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Categories: Dance, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 9, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 75 mins

Venue: JUNK


Part video game, part escape room, and part performance, Dragonbutter, the latest creation from Brian Sanders’ JUNK, takes you through multiple themed rooms filled with stunning light and sound arrangements.

Reminiscent of old-school video games, the story reveals itself in layers and begins when you and 11 other “players” enter into an 8,000 square foot abandoned laboratory building where expert researchers are trying to understand the mysterious experimentations of Dr. Livingston, a considerable genius, but also impractical man teetering on insanity. You will quickly find clues from nonsensical scribblings of Dr. Livingston and need to determine if there is anything to salvage before the building is demolished.

Throughout the experience, players explore a multitude of experimental rooms, which include live dance performances, mazes, and puzzles. Players will need to tackle riddles, hidden doors, and creative challenges. They must prepare to battle mutant creatures and gain points for completed tasks leading up to the finale coming face-to-face with the “Boss.”

At every corner, you are left wondering what will happen next. Who will be able to escape the laboratory?

After being stuck in your home for the past year, this hour-long, immersive experience transports you into a science-fiction video game and is exactly the heart-racing adventure that you need. Dragonbutter is recommended for children 13 and older. Performances have a limited capacity of 12 people and will run from September 2-October 3.

Brian Sanders' JUNK

Princeton, N.J., native Brian Sanders founded JUNK in 1997 after many independent projects as a choreographer. JUNK has since become a nationally recognized troupe performing domestically, internationally, and regularly in the Philadelphia region. More information can be found by visiting


Created and Directed: Brian Sanders, Assistant Creatives: Jess Adams/Desirée Navall/Nick Schwasman/Mauri Walton/Kyle Yackoski, Select music: Daniel Bacon, Lighting Design: Alyssandra Docherty, Sound Design: Ryan Bleaken, Cast: Jess Adams ( Eft/(E.F.T. for short)/Chaos Room Water Trance/Robot/Green Room Lizard-toad. Brian Sanders (Barry Dingle/ Firing Range Lizard-snake/Dragonbutter), Mauri Walton (Virga), Kyle Yackoski (Professor Doghture)

Special Thanks to the following for their creative, artistic and development support : John Howell, IV, Jen Johnson, Scott Pinheiro, Nick Schwasman, Pedro Silva.

Media Sponsor En Route Marketing

Junk gratefully acknowledges the support of the William Penn Foundation, the Lida Foundation, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and PA Council on the Arts.


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