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CANCELED: Ecogospel



Categories: Music, Storytelling

Dates: September 25, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Run Time: 40 mins

Venue: Fidget Space


This show has been canceled.

Ecogospel is a staged interpretation of an art pop album that explores the stages of grief and hope in response to the climate crisis and envisioning a regenerative world. With the support of a philosophical cactus, a new form of cross-species acupuncture treatment, and interviews with the greater community, the artist Hanaé undergoes a spiritual quest towards rebirth and renewed purpose.

Set in the isolation and claustrophobia of a bedroom, the performance takes audiences on a transformative journey that mirrors the emotional and psychological challenges of living in a rapidly disintegrating world. The performance is deeply personal, as it reflects the artist’s own path from diagnosis towards healing of an autoimmune illness resulting from trauma, experienced at the hands of the music industry and inherited by family.

Drawing on a constellation of influences ranging from solarpunk to biomimicry and community interviews, the show asks us to envision brighter futures as well as to look deeply within and around us  – as we might already have all the tools that we need. The story of Ecogospel is therefore one of personal and collective transformation — emerging with the pointed notion that we will only heal in the greater community of our ecology and history, and only when we repair our fragmented relations to ourselves and this land.

About the Artist

Hanaé is the artist name for Tina Hanae Miller (she/they) a composer, audio engineer, performer, and vocalist, creating work for experimental theater, TV, and AR/VR.

She has performed at countless venues internationally including the Brooklyn Museum, The Echo, The Imperial, Troubadour, and Music Hall of Williamsburg. She was the touring keyboardist for Cruel Youth on their international tour supporting Atlantic Records' artist, Kiiara.

Her work draws from an aesthetic constellation of solarpunk, folk shintoism, survivalism, organic technology, and a blend of field recordings, interviews, and pop music. Hanaé has opened for Japanese Breakfast, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, and Shea Diamond, among other artists.

Most recently, Miller composed the soundtrack for The Gift, which premiered at Lincoln Center, and was installed in the Main Branch of the New York Public Library. She has been in residence at Sundance Institute, Brooklyn College, and The Public Theater. As a binaural engineer and sound designer, she created the sonic world for Waters of Oblivion, which debuted under the Hybrid Arts Lab at Theater Mitu. After harvesting field recordings from Windfall Farms in upstate NY in collaboration with Splice, she created a Sample Pack on Neo-Animism. As a 2020 NYFA Women’s Fund Grantee, she produced the music videos ‘All of This’ confronting themes of loss, solastalgia, and visions of alternative futures; and the forthcoming ‘Night Horses’ on trauma, chronic illness, and healing in partnership with the natural world. Her first Philadelphia Fringe was as the Sound Designer for Josephine Decker's The Path of Pins or the Path of Needles; she's delighted to return for her second.

In the daytime, she works for Biomimicry 3.8.


  • Cinthia ChenDirector
  • Co-Producer
  • Tech
  • Tina HanaĆ© MillerCreator
  • Performer
  • Co-Producer

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