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Categories: Dance, Theater

Dates: September 9, 2022 - September 10, 2022

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: Performance Garage


Dancefusion, Philadelphia’s dynamic modern dance repertory company will present ENVISIONS in collaboration with The Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble from New York City, known for radical works that dissolve the boundaries between theater and dance. The program will feature both companies in powerful works by Pauline Koner and Anna Sokolow.

Dancefusion will present two masterpieces by Pauline Koner, a visionary dancer, choreographer, and pioneering maverick of modern dance. Concertino (1955) is set to music by Unico Wilheim van Wassenaer. The dance, for a Lady and her Ladies in-waiting, uses the flavor of court dances to depict three facets of a lady’s life. The second work is an excerpt from Koner’s Monumental solo The Farewell (1962), set to Gustav Mahler’s The Song of the Earth and danced by Janet Pilla Marini. This work is dedicated to Doris Humphrey. Dancefusion will add a third innovative, fun work for the company, Forces in G: Ode to a Ball, music by J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto, choreographed by Rachel Kantra Beal.

The Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble will present excerpts from two masterworks that showcase Sokolow in artistic dialogue with beloved painters. In Magritte, Magritte (1970), inspired by the painting of the Belgian artist Rene Magritte, Ms. Sokolow creates an extraordinary surrealist dance-theater piece that carries Magritte’s images into action. Frida (1997) is an intimate portrait based on Sokolow’s personal relationship with Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. At 87, Sokolow created a multimedia homage to her friend’s internal life and public persona. Both women harness the transformative power of art to allow us to face pain and grief. Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble will be joined by guest artists Clarence Brooks and Christine Dakin, former artistic director of the Martha Graham Company.

Dancefusion & Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble

DANCEFUSION, founded by Artistic Director Gwendolyn Bye, is a modern dance repertory company dedicated to the reconstruction of historic works from modern dance, and the creation of new work. Dancefusion relives the achievements of the past and explores new choreographic directions for the future, expanding public awareness through programs and performances to diverse audiences. Celebrating 35 years, Dancefusion has presented annual home seasons and numerous dance and teaching residencies including its dance programs, fusion2 and the Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center. The company has reconstructed historic works by legendary choreographers Mary Anthony, Anna Sokolow, Pauline Koner, Jose Limón, and Daniel Lewis. It has also presented new works by the Artistic Director, company members and guest choreographers. Dancefusion has presented nationally and internationally, including the American Dance Guild Festival and 92nd Street Y in New York City, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and the past 12 years at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

SOKOLOW THEATRE/DANCE ENSEMBLE is the living legacy company dedicated to presenting Anna Sokolow’s vast body of emotionally-riveting work. Over her 70 year career, Ms. Sokolow continuously broke the silos of modern dance, focusing on the human experience and accessing any genre that served her artistic purpose. Her masterpieces remain relevant to our times and touch the hearts of all people as we struggle with the universal issues of living; regardless of differences in place and culture. The company's projects include reconstruction, reimagination, deconstruction, historical performance, teaching, lectures, archiving, and partnering with contemporary choreographers–all modes through which we step inside Sokolow’s masterworks and draw from their perspective to better frame our future. ST/DE was founded by Sokolow protege Jim May and is currently under the artistic direction of Sa


Dancefusion, Artistsic Director: Gwendolyn Bye, Assistant Director/Rehearsal Director/Dancer: Janet Pilla Marini, Manager: Mary Ziogas, Choreographer: Pauline Koner, Choreographer: Rachel Kantra Beal, Pauline Koner Reconstructor: Evelyn Shepard, Dancers: Kate Lombardi, Alex Roberts, Julia Spooner, Gabrielle Wright, Apprentices: Neeka Guenther, Lighting Designer: Lee Evans, Photography: Randl Bye, Video: Nikki Johnson.

Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble, Choreographer: Anna Sokolow, Founding Director: Jim May, Artstic Director: Samantha Geracht, Associate Artistic Director: Eleanor Bunker, Associate Artistic Director: Lauren Naslund, Rehearsal Director, Dancer: Luis Gabriel Zaragoza, Dancers: Ilana Ruth Cohen, Samuel Humphreys, Brad Orego, Guest Artists: Clarence Brooks, Christine Dakin


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