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Expelled: A Comedic Journey


Dates: September 30, 2022

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Sound Space Performing Arts


A Stand-up Comedy show about one person’s spiritual journey, from breaking the law, to backpacking across Mongolia, living in a Zen Monastery in Japan, dealing with heartbreak, becoming a Jazz guitarist, only to wind up finding true love in the most unexpected of places. Andrew Steiner is an internationally touring comedian, and won best comedy show at Pittsburgh Fringe in 2019. Featuring Francesca Maglione. Musical accompaniment by Alan Silverman.

Andrew Steiner

Andrew Steiner is a NYC based comedian and has performed at clubs and venues across the US and Canada. He won Best Comedian at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. Andrew is also the co-host and creator of the YouTube show Knowledge Daddies.


Featuring Francesca Maglione (Host, Dance) . Musical accompaniment by Alan Silverman.


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