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Categories: Cabaret, Music, Theater

Dates: September 28, 2022 - September 29, 2022

Run Time: 50 mins

Venue: Christ Church Neighborhood House


Have you pondered whether liveband karaoke and screaming songs about heartbreak while walking along the Delaware River can really change your life? GO AHEAD will playfully explore self-regulation, self-doubt, and self-acceptance through autobiographical story-telling and live music.

The experience will simulate a live pub event by incorporating an actual *open-mic where artists can sign-up for slots as part of the proceedings. It also pays tribute to Jenny Lewis, the singer of Rilo Kiley—whose song Go Ahead inspired the title of the show.

*This show incorporates an actual open-mic where artists can sign-up to perform. Spots are extremely limited (3 slots per show date) due to the structure of the piece. First come first served.

Please note: all open-mic participants must sign up ahead of time as there will be no way to sign up live at the show. All participants must also have a ticket. Sign-up instructions will be sent once tickets have been purchased. If you want to sign up for the open-mic but the ticket price is prohibitive, please email

James Haro In Storage

James Haro In Storage is a music project of James Haro (no kidding) that started in 2021. He began the project underground in a literal storage room, but his experience stretches all the way back to the short, messy songs he wrote in 6th grade. In 2021, Haro created the digital solo show GO for Philadelphia's SoLow Fest, the first in a series of pieces that features James Haro In Storage songs ("Floor Song" and "This Came From A Line") and interweaves autobiographical storytelling. Other songs include "Crazy Eights", "Cask", and "Helix".

James Haro is a Mexican-American playwright/producer and singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, based in Philly. Plays: COMMENTARY, A Bru Story (Or, Five Years), Post-April, Stab Play, What It Looks Like (Or, Something Resembling...). Haro grew up listening to the tape cassettes that were played in his mom's black Mustang. His first instrument was a black bass guitar that his dad bought from a friend at work that came with a strap with skulls painted on it.

Haro taught himself how to play and eventually brought his acoustic guitar out east with him when he left home to attend Drexel University. After graduating, he worked as a stage manager, theatre producer, and nonprofit arts administrator. In his late 20s, Haro was inspired to invest more in his music and began training with artist and vocal coach Martha Stuckey. His year of work with Martha eventually produced new songs, strengthened confidence in his voice, and led to streaming online performances. In the Fall, he performed at his first-ever live open-mic in Philadelphia—13 years after his arrival to the city—and has continued to sing, create, and perform.

Follow: @jamesharoinstorage on Instagram


Creator/Performer: James Haro, Music/Lyrics: James Haro In Storage, Director: Jenna Kuerzi, Additional Instrumentation: Josh Totora, Production Stage Manager: MJ Gifford, Dramaturgical Consultant: Alix Rosenfeld, Design Consultant: Minou Pourshariati


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