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Harvest Moon


Categories: Dance, Film, Music

Dates: September 18, 2021 - September 26, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


JCWK Dance Lab’s Harvest Moon is an evening-length, virtual, new music and dance collaboration premiering in conjunction with the astronomical calendar’s Harvest Moon. Over the past seven months, dancers and musicians employed the serendipitous and unpredictable nature of the internet to engage Zoom as a compositional and choreographic tool. Harvest Moon reflects on lunar cycles, cultural anthropology, the spiritual philosophy that human bodies are microcosms of the universe, and the Covid-19 pandemic. The project will be live-streamed over YouTube with audience engagement opportunities through Zoom after each performance. Dr. Phillip Tietbohl, from Poetry that Works, will lead an interactive Group Poem Creation after three performances; Dr. Nathan Thomas, Alvernia University Theatre Director, will moderate a more-traditional artist/audience talk back after three performances. Dance performance by Sarena Kabakoff, Kalila Kingsford Smith, and Jessica C. Warchal-King. Music by Jill Haley and Paul Fejko. The Reading Musical Foundation supported Jill Haley’s work in Harvest Moon.

JCWK Dance Lab

JCWK Dance Lab is an ongoing research project combining education, physical dance practice, and performance. Using dance as its medium, JCWK Dance Lab investigates the ways that dance can be a vehicle for non-violent, positive social change by creating Joy, Connection, and Wellness through Kinesthetic stories.


Direction and video editing: Jessica C. Warchal-King, Performance: Sarena Kabakoff, Kalila Kingsford Smith, Jessica C. Warchal-King, Original Music: Paul Fejko, Jill Haley, Group Poetry Creation: Dr. Phillip Tietbohl, Talk-back Moderator: Dr. Nathan Thomas


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