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Categories: Film, Visual Art

Dates: September 8, 2022 - October 2, 2022

Run Time: 40 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


In a reduced space depoliticized of all visibility and legislation: she, the Fémina, lies. Stripped of all rights to exert her nature, in pursuit of her survival. Not included by him, the Homo, without visualization as a subject, hidden, omitted, overshadowed.
It occurs in every corner of the world, every day, at every hour, victim of invisibility and pedagogical exercise of Violence. A subtle Violence that also kills us.
This piece is an invitation to think ourselves as Women in all the aspects that our Femininity involves.
It is a piece to invite to perceive the first cell of Violence, which is not him, the HOMO, but the installed system that indoctrinates and annihilate us.
In memory of Ana Mendieta: Activist, feminist, exiled, and performer from Cuba. She died in 1985 at the age of 36, falling from the window of her 34th floor apartment after an argument with her husband, Carl Andre, the artist from the United States who was tried and acquitted. Mendieta’s work was mainly recognized in the scope of feminist art criticism.
She didn’t consider herself as feminist, but she was a woman who used her body and experiences as woman in her work. In fact, her early work is very related to her own examination of her identity as Latin, woman, and displaced person from her homeland.


MARLÉN PUELLO (CUBA) Born in Havana, Cuba. from 1995 to 2011, lived in the city of Rosario, Argentina. In 2011, settled in Stockholm, Sweden. Acquired Cuban, Argentinian and Swedish citizenship. Havana, Cuba: Studies: Elementary School of Ballet in Havana, currently the Cuban National Ballet School “Alicia Alonso” (1985-1995). Higher Institute of Art in Havana. Specialization: Bachelor of Arts Dances. University of Havana, Cuba. Rosario, Argentina: Founder of the Cuba Ballet Rosario Institute in the city of Rosario (1996 to date). Multidisciplinary dance concept with different languages: "Integral Dancers". Cuba Ballet Rosario Institute received in 2016 the recognition of Institución Distinguida (Distinguished Institution) of the city of Rosario, granted by the Consejo Municipal y Provincial de Cultura de Santa Fe for its 20 years of development in the city. Correspondent in Argentina for the "CEDED" magazine of the Development Center of the Dance of Havana, supervised by Ramiro Guerra, teacher, choreographer and founder of National Dance of Cuba. Master Trainer for competitions and international festivals representing Argentina: College Art Festival in Havana (1997), Latin American Dance Festival in Argentina and Brazil (1997-2000). Choreography Awards: Dance Festival of Rosario, Argentina (1997-1998) for the award-winning choreographies: La Contemplación and Ouroboros. Latin American Dance Festival, Uruguayan; Brazil (1998) award-winning choreography: Arlequín. Latin American Dance Festival in Bento Gonzalves, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. Award-winning choreography: Érase una vez un marinero - Emmanuel Abruzzo (now a dancer of the Colón Theater and former dancer of the Trocadero Ballet). Stage Plays: Carmen: la historia de una pasión (2000-2002); Aquel amor brujo (2002-2005); La casa de Bernarda Alba (2006-2019) —distinguished by the Ministry of Innovation and Culture of the Santa Fe Province and


Format: audiovisual format divided in 7 short films crossed by a poem
General director and creator: Marlen Puello
Co-creator and performance: Magalí Baratini
Assistant director: Carolina Capriatti
Film shooting and production: Jeremias Vizcaino
Poetic contributions: Patricia Cuaranta
Stage assistance: Melissa Buchelli
Sound editor: Adrián Suriano.


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