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Intergalactic Barbei


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Theater, Visual Art

Dates: September 26, 2021

Run Time: 180 mins

Venue: Tabu


Intergalactic Barbei:a

One Drag Performance Spectacle!

Featuring myself André Henson presenting my drag aesthetic known as Alzéi Barbéi, from my most humble and creative point of view, from story telling, to audience interaction, to dance, and captivating emotion with each performance.

It’s the bound to “give what it’s supposed to gave,” and leave you wanting more! With immaculate influences ranging from Barbarella in 1968 to the 90’s fashion era, with splashes of Afro futurism embedded within every aspect of my presentation.

I truly feel this event will be something everyone will enjoy and take a piece back home with them.

With Love,

André Henson/Alzéi Barbéi

Alzéi Barbéi

Alzéi Barbéi Mizrahi

I'd like to think of myself as a multi dimensional entertainer, portraying various concepts in drag performance, with 12 years of drag experience, I've learned so much, from southern traditional drag pageantry, to ballroom, to camp, and theater, I've now taking a liking to fusing all those elements into one, and bringing that to the stage for the audience to enjoy. Creating an event that stands out for everyone to keep talking about is the goal. In the future I'd love to be apart of more production, including acting roles, and live theatre, I feel like the sky is the limit as long as there's passion.


André Henson as Alzéi Barbéi

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