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KCBC x KCBCII: Return to Müvment


Categories: Dance, Visual Art, Family

Dates: September 12, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Cherry Street Pier


KCBC x KCBCII take on their 5th Annual Fringe Festival! KCBC, under the direction of Kimberly D. Landle will present an evening length show exploring the need, want and genuine emotion of being able to do what we love to do. Return to Müvment, set to the music of Nils Frahm focuses on nothing more than the beauty, simplicity and deep discovery that is dance itself. Landle’s choreography takes on a slew of layers building and deconstructing the emotions and engery poured into our craft and the rediscovery of coming back to the stage.

Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company

KCBC is one of Philadelphia’s premier contemporary ballet companies. Founded in 2016 by Kimberly D. Landle, the company is currently entering its fifth season. KCBC was founded on the idea of challenging the boundaries of classical ballet. The company and the choreographers try pushing the dancers’ bodies to explore movement that extends past the classical format while continuously exploring and challenging the body to venture in new directions. Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company is committed to creating work that not only engages the body, but truly tries to connect both the dancer and the audience through all emotional, mental, and physical states. Allowing our dancers to tap into their most genuine emotions and making each piece unique to them, all while studying and trying to understand current and past events. Under the direction of Landle the company is creating art that is athletic, dynamic, and emotionally charged all while staying true to the fluidity, grace, and vigorous use of technique in classical ballet.


Kimberly D. Landle Founder/Director

KCBC- Amanda Boyer, Taylor Brown, Kate Duane, Jessie Farrigan, Aubrey Kazimi, Akiko Kyong-McClain, Kimberly D. Landle, Aleesha Polite, Arianna Polite, Emily Shellabarger, Blythe E. Smith, Promise Smith, Sophia Wicks

KCBCII- Alexandria Amato, Isabella Amato, Olivia Amato, Teagan Bittner, Shaelyn Bittner, Aly Breslawski, Haylee Buckholz, Kolbi Buckholz, Erin Burns, Gabrielle DeBenedict, Kayden Deckard, Nora Elliot, Jahzara Jenkins, Haylie Jost, Mia Karalius, Sonia Kolar, Julia Maneira, Athena Mattingly, Brooke Mullato, Sienna Moran, Isabella Motzer, Maddie Motzer, Gianna Paffett, Penelope Thompson, Emmalynn Tolska, Madyson Tolska, Elle Wentzel, Rebekkah Zeh


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