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Krystal Younglove: The Strangelove Sideshow Spectacle

Krystal Younglove, The Indestructible Lady


Categories: Theater, Circus, Cabaret & Nightlife

Dates: September 10, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


Come one, come all! Come big, come small! You won’t want to miss the Strangelove Sideshow Spectacle –

One night only!!

Spotlighting Krystal Younglove: The Indestructible Lady. This classic 10-in-1 circus sideshow will leave you breathless with its squeamish-inducing delights. Watch in amazement as Krystal uses bone shattering animal traps, walks on glass, eats fire, demonstrates invulnerability on a bed of nails, performs feats of strength, and hammers nails into her face – all the things your mama warned you not to do!

Krystal Younglove will have you gasping in amazement, covering your eyes, and laughing out loud – all in the same show!

Rest assured, Krystal is a Circus Sweetheart and The Strangelove Sideshow Spectacle is an classy-ish affair, reminiscent of the classic sideshows of yesteryear. It is a family-friendly show that promises to leave you in awe, thoroughly entertained, and perhaps even slightly inspired.

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About the Artist

Steel your hearts and behold Award Winning Artist, Circus Sweetheart, Damsel of Danger, Strong Woman,

Krystal Younglove The Indestructible Lady.

Presenting classic Sideshow performances to strike to your very core, high flying aerial acrobatics to dazzle you, fire manipulations to amaze your eyes and mind! Krystal Younglove will have you gasping in amazement, covering your eyes, and laughing out loud – all in the same show!

Krystal’s rise to fame began at Bullard TALENT, where she landed the lead role of the Blue Bird in the kindergarten Christmas play. Despite the production’s humble budget, Krystal’s performance was nothing short of Oscar-worthy.

By the ripe old age of 8, Krystal had already graced the stage of the Big Fresno Fair as a dancing California Raisin. The coveted role of a lifetime. Krystal’s performance left audiences wondering if they were watching a seasoned veteran or a mere child. Having conquered the California Raisin scene, decided to take a break and indulge in some soul-searching. She realized that there was more to theater than just being in the spotlight. So, she took it upon herself to learn the art of set-building and even dabbled in tech crew work. Because let’s face it, what’s a show without some good ol’ fashioned manual labor?

Krystal’s passion for theater, arts, and movement led her down a new path when she was introduced to the world of fire dancing and circus. Having dabbled in many skillsets, she still found herself drawn to the vintage arts and the days of yore. The sound of broken glass tinkling under bare feet lured her into the Sideshow world. And so, her stage show continues to captivate audiences in venues across the globe to this very day.

During lock down, Krystal spent time reflecting on the direction of her career and refocus her goals moving forward. One of her long time goals has been participating in more LGBTQ+ events as


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