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Last Call


Categories: Dance

Dates: September 25, 2022 - September 27, 2022

Run Time: 40 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Studio


Last Call is a multidisciplinary dance work developed by Natalie Gotter. With a soft premiere at the Going Dutch Festival in 2022, this work has been described as poignant and timely with a sense of deflective and defensive humor. 

This dance performance experience is a work that investigates perceptions, expectations, and embodiment of femme experiences in different iterations of night life. Who sets the rules of femininity and whose voices are heard in spaces of risk-taking? What is the process of letting go of the rules, and is it ever possible to do so in a way without larger repercussions? Follow Cynthia, who is she?, through a collage of undoing, becoming, and realizing under the lights of the night. 

Last Call has been partially funded by Muhlenberg College’s Summer Faculty Research grant and has been supported by residency at Mascher Space Collective.

Natalie Gotter

NATALIE GOTTER is a dance performer, choreographer, filmmaker, educator, and researcher. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at Muhlenberg College. She received her MFA in Modern Dance with certification in Screendance and Gender Studies from the University of Utah. Dance offers her a way of engaging with socialization of the physically gendered body and questioning human limits, whether inherent or self-imposed with dance offering physical and somatic insight of possibilities. As a performing artist, she has studied and performed in works by Florian Alberge, John Allen (original work nominated for a 2011 Big Easy Award), Michaela Cannon, Nancy Carter, Michael Crotty, Jeffrey Gunshol, Dat Nguyen, Gabrielle Revlock, Beverly Trask, and Jennifer Weber. She was a featured dancer in the Alwin Nikolais Centennial Celebration in 2011. She has danced professionally with Tsunami Dance Company, Avatar Dance Company, Gorilla Tango Theatre, and MotionVivid Dance. Her choreographic works have been presented in New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and Minneapolis, including multiple evening-length self-produced and collaborative research based concerts: "Magazine St. #22" for the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, "LMN Mov't No. 1" a self-produced evening length concert, and collaborative commissions for Megan Flynn Dance Company, Flatlands Dance Theatre, Cat+Fish Dances, Tipping Point Dance Company, Tanner Dance Company and Performing Dance Center. Her Screendance “Fluid; Shift” was featured at the 2020 Going Dutch Festival and is the recipient of the Audience Favorite award at the Utah Dance Film Festival in 2018. She is currently in residence at the Mascher Space Collective where she developed "Last Call" that held its soft premiere in June 2022.


Choreographer: Natalie Gotter in Collaboration with the Dancers

Performers: Natalie Gotter, Anya Kress, Benja Newnam


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