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Late Night Snacks

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret


Categories: Theater, Cabaret & Nightlife, Dance, Music

Dates: September 16, 2023 - October 1, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: The Closet


In partnership with Opera Philadelphia as part of Festival O23

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret returns for our third annual LATE NIGHT SNACKS, the unapologetically queer performance art pop up that makes everyone a little bit gay. Featuring a wardrobe’s worth of artists from opera singers to drag queens, cabaret stars to art clowns, and everything in between, LATE NIGHT SNACKS is here to convert you. Whether you come once, come every night, or just stop by on your way to the corner store, you’ll leave with a mouthful of rainbows and glitter on your lips. Part subversion therapy, part luxury walk-in, LATE NIGHT SNACKS invites you to join us in The Closet, our custom-built cabaret, for seven minutes in queer heaven. Hosted by a rotating group of snaxx: Jess Conda, Cookie Diorio, Eric Jaffe, Jarbeaux, Sam Rise, Jackie Soro, & US (aka Anthony Martinez-Briggs). See specific dates below for full lineup. 

Important Nutritional Information
Important Nutritional Information Late Night Snacks ingredients may include artistic experimentation, adult content, consensual audience interaction, earworms, nudity, jubilation, and rampant queerness. Not every show will be for everyone so feel free to come and go as you please. When we can, we will provide detailed ingredients for each show ahead of time.

Advanced Tickets are PWYC from $10+. A limited number of $0+ PWYC tickets will be available at the door. 

General Admission does not guarantee you a seat. All unreserved seats are first come first serve. If you need a seat for accessibility, please reach out to 

Click here for All Ages Family Snacks events, Sundays at 3:30pm. 

About the Artist

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret is a queer arts organization that sits on your lap and sings you a story. Whether it’s an opera, a home-made cabaret, a musical walking tour, or a show on a truck, we employ song, spectacle, storytelling, and heart to welcome audiences into moments of joy, healing, and subversion. Through sharing our original pieces and creating bespoke platforms for performance at home in Philadelphia, nationally, and abroad, we nurture artistic connection for a community of misfits, rabble-rousers, chanteuses and the people who love and need them.


  • Linda and David GlicksteinFestival Executive Producers
  • John Jarboe (she/her)Co-Director
  • Jackie Soro (she/they)Co-Director
  • Cat Ramirez (they/she/he)Producer
  • Mel Hsu (she/they)Associate Producer
  • Heath Allen (he/him) Co-Music Director & Musician (Keys)
  • John Abella (he/him)Co-Music Director & Musician (Keys/Guitar)
  • Jimmy Coleman (he/him)Musician (Drums)
  • Josh Machiz (he/him)Musician (Bass)
  • Jordan McCreeMusician for Anthony Martinez-Briggs
  • Doug GreeneScenic/Installation Designer
  • Mike Inwood (he/him)Lighting Designer/Light Board Operator
  • Yōsuke Araki (they/them)Video Designer
  • Liz Atkinson (she/her)Sound Designer
  • Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez (she/they)Dramaturg
  • Sally Ollove (she/her)Curation Manager
  • John Jarboe (she/her)Lead Curator
  • Emily Bate (she/her)Curation Team
  • US aka Anthony Martinez-Briggs (he/they)Curation Team
  • Sinta Penyami Storms (she/her/dia)Curation Team
  • Jess Conda (she/her)Host
  • Cookie Diorio (she/her)Host
  • Eric Jaffe (they/them)Host
  • Jarbeaux (she/her)Host
  • US aka Anthony Martinez-Briggs (he/they)Host
  • Sam Rise (they/them)Host
  • Jackie Soro (she/they)Host
  • Izzy SazakAssociate Director
  • Jackie SoroAssociate Director
  • MK TuomanenAssociate Director
  • John JarboeAssociate Director
  • Taylor Jedlinski (she/her) Production Manager
  • Lauren Seigal (all pronouns)Associate Production Manager
  • Jamel Baker (he/him)Stage Manager
  • Lian Brody (they/them)Stage Manager
  • Jo Vito Ramirez (they/them)Associate Scenic/Installation Designer
  • Natasha Cohen-CarrollLead Image Photographer

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