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Life Traveler


Categories: Dance, Immersive, Family

Dates: October 2, 2021

Run Time: 15 mins,10 mins,60 mins

Venue: Benjamin Franklin Bridge Walkway


Life Traveler

Life—it’s all we’ve got.
We can be full of life, devoid of life, notice life, ignore life;
see life as time, see life as journey,

Traveler—Mobility, this can be mental or spiritual. It usually physical, involves going someplace new and creating new memories

Moving to a new place is to have a different perspective of your life, or other lives, and places as they have existed in history. In this work the participant travels with a dancer / person holding a suitcase. We engage in physical and verbal dialogue as we traverse a bridge.

Jody Oberfelder Projects

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker. Most recently she was commissioned by DANCE München Festival for Walking to Present (May 11-13, 2021), and San Diego Dance Theater’s site specific Trolly Dances for “Monumental.” Here company will present a large-scale outdoor work Rube G for the East River Park Amphitheater June 21, 2021. Other projects: Screen. Dance. Window. (August 5, 2020) for the 4th Congress of Psychogeography, Object Place Walking, presented at the Walking’s New Movements Conference (November 3,Plymouth, UK) “Madame Ovary,” May 15-19th, 2019  at the Flea Theater, ”On the Move Shortly”, performed at St. Pancras Station in London (July 2018) and ”Things,” a collaboration with the Brisbane, Australian quintet Topology.  Zaubernacht, a fairy tale, was commissioned by the Kurt Weill Foundation (2018) , and “Dido & Aeneas” was commissioned by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s.  Other immersive and site specific work: ”4Chambers,” (2013-14) a piece about the heart, was performed in an historic home on Governors Island and in a former hospital and ”The Brain Piece” (2015-18) a choreographed experience: a union of movement, film, neuroscience and sound, giving audiences an interactive opportunity to engage with their minds in motion, performed at New York Live Arts, Dance Space (Washington DC) and the International Nanotechnology Summit (Braga, Portugal, and “Castle Walk, ”a danced-through tour of a Baroque Palace in Portugal (Fall 2017)  was created in collaboration with Arte Total in Braga, Portugal. Oberfelder has recently performed in the works of Asad Raza (Whitney Biennial 2017), Steve Paxton (MoMA 2012) and Simone Forti (MoMA: Judson Church: The Work is Never Done) 2018-2019. 

Oberfelder has received funding from USArtist International, The Starry Night Foundation (spanning 1999-2020), four New Music USA grants (2020, 2018, 2015, 2011),  and Harkness Center for Dance.


Conceived by Jody Oberfelder
Performers: Emily Giovine, Jade Manns, Daniel Morimoto, Maya Orchin, Jody Oberfelder, Mark Willis

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