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Lindsey Noel: I’m a Magician


Categories: Cabaret, Comedy & Improv, Storytelling

Dates: September 18, 2022

Run Time: 55 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional trickster? Or to have to kindly lie for living? Or how it feels to be a woman in a male dominated art form? Well, this is the show for you! Join professional magician, mind-reader, stylist, and emcee extraordinaire Lindsey Noel as she takes you on a journey from her time in the cabaret and nightlife world to working crazy hours on film sets to traveling the world as a magical woman!

You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, and at the end of it all, you’ll have no doubt: Lindsey Noel tells no lies when she says “I’m a Magician.”

Lindsey Noel

Storyteller and whimsy weaver Lindsey Noel enchants and captivates every room she enters. Live and Virtual from the stages of the Chicago Magic Lounge, Monday Night Magic, & The Hollywood Magic Castle - to name a few - she exudes big glamorous energy in a pint sized professional package. With a penchant for bringing wild ideas into reality, Lindsey Noel makes the impossible accessible and invites everyone to peek inside.


Written & Performed by: Lindsey Noel

Magic Consultant: Francis Menotti


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