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Lovers and Madmen: Visions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Categories: Literary, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 16, 2021 - September 19, 2021

Run Time: 105 mins

Venue: Taylor Arboretum


Romp with lovers. Rehearse with mechanicals. Revel with fairies. Revere the goddess.

Something wicked stirs in the wood outside Athens. The Amazon queen, Hippolyta plots to liberate herself from her captor and would-be husband, Theseus. With only four nights before the royal wedding, Hippolyta takes flight into the forest to invoke the favor of an ancient goddess setting into motion a series of misadventures for the Athenian citizens and misfortunes for the fairy denizens of the wood.

Lovers and Madmen is an original, immersive adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that takes audiences into the heart of the fairy realm where Shakespeare, history, and myth converge. Beyond the fairies of Midsummer fame, audiences will find the Athenian forest home to the likes of Ariel, Caliban, and Hecate as Shakespeare’s magical worlds blend into a new telling of the beloved comedy. Add to the mix the immersive stylings of Forgotten Lore Theatre, and a foreboding shadow is cast over the hilarious exploits of would-be lovers, wannabe actors, and honest-to-god fairies.

No more yielding but a dream?

Throughout the performance, audience members are invited to explore and commune with the fairy realm which will guide them down unique branches of experience. Audience is encouraged to open their minds, escape the world, join the revelry, embrace the ritual, and yield to transformation. Heck, come dressed as a fairy (and see what happens)!

Lovers and Madmen is presented both in evening and matinee performances. At night, the fairy world is cast into shadow, and under cover of darkness the reach of Hecate grows ever longer. In the safety of day, the fairy world thrives in its natural splendor. Which will you choose?

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Forgotten Lore Theatre w/ Lone Brick Theatre Company

Founded in 2015, Forgotten Lore Theatre is a Philadelphia-area performance company that produces devised works and original plays by area playwrights.

We believe art is created in the numinous space between artist and audience. Through innovative and experimental performances, we foster unique theatrical experiences for each audience member in an effort to keep the communal art of storytelling alive.

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Lone Brick Theatre Company is Widener University's resident theatre company based out of Chester, PA.

Photo credit: Phineas K. Gage

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