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Categories: Circus, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 9, 2021 - September 25, 2021

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Garden


Cirque du Nuit/Alterra presents MIXTAPE: a curated blend of immersive, interactive, and unique entertainment! Every night is different, with performances ranging from aerial circus to investigatory theatre to interactive clown burlesque (and more!) Come enjoy light bites, the incredible ambiance of the garden at the Maas Building, and an ever-changing salon of interdisciplinary interactive works from new and veteran artists, who will challenge you to think critically, be involved, be in the moment, and create your own story. 

Cirque du Nuit/Alterra

We are a professional performance design and production company, specializing in audience-driven immersive and interactive theatrical events. We borrow from global theater and circus traditions to craft experiences that invite guests to play, explore, engage, and imagine. Our methods create environments that elevate and transform audiences, allowing them to leave with memories of a story they brought to life. Our main bases are NYC and Philadelphia, yet we curate and perform work nationally, internationally, and digitally!

In July of 2016, Cirque du Nuit was born out of an experimental collaboration with the event production company You Are So Lucky. Theatre director, actor and circus performer Kaitlin Chin gathered a group of performers with various backgrounds in theatre, circus and dance to bring life to their event “Night of Fire”--held on a Manhattan pier. The troupe showcased their various barrier-breaking entertainment skills to engage with event guests and provide spectacle on both a grandiose and intimate level.

Then known as both "The Night Circus" and "Cirque du Nuit", the troupe continued to work with You Are So Lucky, performing at both large and small-scale events-- most notably their Halloween parties at the W.B Thompson Mansion in Yonkers, NY, and their mini-festival in July of 2017 (to which they received a write-up in Vogue magazine). Having created memorable performance pieces and improvisational moments at these events, Cirque du Nuit caught a reputation of being professional, organized and innovative.

Cirque du Nuit functions as both a standalone company producing independent work, as well as a network of artists available to be hired for nightlife, corporate, or personal events. We intentionally bring on performers from all different experience levels, backgrounds, orientations, and colors, because to do otherwise would not make any sense.


Director: Kaitlin Chin

Curatorial Team: Lucy Cosgrove, Myriam Bloom, Lena Wolfe, Owen Corey


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