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Morning, Afternoon, Evening


Categories: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Literary

Dates: September 26, 2021

Run Time: 50 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Studio, THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Morning, Afternoon, Evening, produced by Cannonball, is a dance/theater performance piece, set to premiere for this festival! Based on an original, symbolic poem which depicts the journey of a river, the poem is a discourse between the protagonist and her companion(s) as well as an inner dialogue. This theatrical interpretation utilizes one actor, in monologue, and 8 dancers who embody a physical manifestation of her thoughts and her surroundings, as well as serving as her companion(s). The poem depicts water originating in caves and follows the river all the way to the mouth of the ocean over the course of a day; in Morning, all is new and beautiful, in Afternoon the mood is lazier and complacent, in Evening the journey moves inexorably into the darkness of night. The protagonist gets increasingly lost in a liminal space, where “sea is sky and darkness, darkness, there are no distinctions.”.
There are three elements which run throughout the work and drive the ongoing journey: Gravity, Desire and Violence. As stated at the end of Morning: “The force that pulls us forth is gravity, desire, But violence is the force that pushes us on.” This work can be perceived on many levels ranging from a personal journey to the history of the universe. The times we are living in only heighten the depth of the piece. In addition, the work helps to demonstrate the beauty and power of the precious and tentative natural world.
Themes and repertory from the dance of Isadora Duncan contribute to the timelessness of the work. This interdisciplinary artwork encompassing theater, dance, poetry and music illustrates the cyclic nature of so many aspects of our world and has particular relevance today, with its theme of ending in order to begin anew. The work is accessible and open to many levels of interpretation in which each viewer will derive personal meanings from the work.

Beth Jucovy/Dance Visions NY

Dance Visions NY brings Isadora Duncan’s artistic legacy into the present through the performance of authentic Isadora Duncan works and through presentation of original works inspired by the aesthetic. The company repertory focuses on works that express and explore our shared humanity — timeless themes as well as experiences of our current times. They bring pure dance works as well as unique interdisciplinary dance/theater works to local and broader audiences.
Beth Jucovy, founder and artistic director has created dozens of celebrated, full evening programs presented by the company at theaters, museums, libraries, universities and gardens and historical landmarks throughout the NY metropolitan area as well as abroad.
Tzena Nicole, actor in the work, is an international actress who has appeared in film productions in the US, Germany and France as well as many classical and modern stage productions in NYC. She is also a monologist and theatrical burlesque artist. Storytelling, in all its forms, is her life blood.
We are delighted to present our program as a part of Cannonball!


Directed and choreographed by Beth Jucovy built from from “The Subject and Power” written by Kyra Jucovy .

Actor: Tzena Nicole 

Dance Visions NY Dancers: Amelia Atteberry, Eric Acevedo, Louisa Cathcart, Chiemi Ip, Beth Jucovy, Rebekah Mulkey, Olivia Parente, Michelle Tilghman


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