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New World Rising!


Categories: Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 11, 2021 - October 2, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Kahn Park


The year is 2022, and as you know, it is the final decade for humans to redress our impact on the planet. Since you attended an eye-opening environmental lecture several years ago, you have joined the fight against the many-headed hydra of climate change with increasing fervor. But no matter how many marches, letters to politicians, protests, donations, and local and global campaigns you organize, it seems the forces against you only grow stronger: corporations with their bottomless greed; politicians with half-hearted and weak solutions; and all around you, it seems most people would let the earth burn. You’re tired and frustrated, and the world is on the brink. You decide the time for nonviolence is over. New World Rising! made headlines in late 2021 when a spate of explosions targeting heavy-polluting corporations and corrupt politicians ripped across the country. Inspired by aggressive forebearers Earth First! and Earth Liberation Front, NWR used anonymous publications, coded briefings, and pirate radio to activate self-organizing collectives willing to “inflict economic damage on those profiteering from destruction of the Earth.” Between October 2021 and the summer of 2022, a staggering 117 bombings, break-ins and other various forms of eco-sabotage rendered a national bill of $73 million. You have tracked down passionate members of the growing but secretive Philadelphia cell, and you are joining them to take down a local target. But however strong your ideals, the risks are great, and your own future hangs in the balance. Part immersive performance, part audio play, part walking tour, this roughly 60 minute ambulatory adventure will use audio and written instructions to help you navigate your way through downtown Philadelphia. A smartphone is required to access content.

Lupine Performance Cooperative

Lupine Performance Cooperative is a Philadelphia-based performance collective that creates multi-sensory live performance. Our work complicates contemporary understanding of human experiences both large-scale and small. We believe in sustainable artistic practices that value people over product and commit to enriching the cultural lives of our local community through equitable and justice-focused live art.

Linnea Bond is a multidisciplinary creator working in traditional and non-traditional forms of live performance. With her undergraduate degree in Sociology and an ongoing interest in philosophy, her work explores social and environmental justice, mortality, contemporary culture, memory, and constructed realities; and has employed audience participation, immersive experiences, traditional storytelling, clown, and site specificity to probe these themes. She teaches theatre across age groups and can be seen in Todd Haynes's films, Carol and Dark Waters. Locally she has worked with PAC, Lupine Performance Cooperative, Arden Theatre Company, and Renegade Theatre Company.

Tenara Calem is a playwright, educator, and an ensemble theatre maker based in Philadelphia, PA. Tenara’s written work has been featured all around the country, including with the Jewish Plays Project National Competition, the Young Playwrights Festival with Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Annual Midwestern Jewish Playwriting Contest at Continuum Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Her work has earned her a Young Playwright award nomination from the Dramatist’s Guild. Tenara was an emerging playwright with the Foundry, the new playwrights group out of PlayPenn and has worked as an arts administrator, educator, and creator with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Trinity Repertory Company, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Lightning Rod Special, Strange Attractor, FringeArts, and InterAct Theatre Company.


Playwright: Linnea Bond, Director: Tenara Calem, Cast: Sohrab Haghverdi,

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