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Categories: Dance, Music, Theater

Dates: September 11, 2022 - September 12, 2022

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Sunflower Philly


If you knew that one day you would lose all of your memories- would you approach each day differently? Through a devised, interactive dance-theater piece that incorporates the five senses, contact improvisation, recycled material, photographs, olives, original music, and suitcases, a group of wanderers will reinvent the space of Sunflower Philly and call upon a diverse audience to reminisce together and contemplate how life experience and the passage of time can simultaneously shape us and break us down.

In the wake of a COVID-19 Diagnosis (pre vaccination), creator Lauren Ackermann began experiencing persistent impairment of sustained attention, memory loss, and overall cognitive damage. As the pandemic progressed, neurologists began to classify these symptoms as “brain fog” but until then, because studies had yet to record the correlation, Ackermann attributed these experiences to recent traumatic events, aging, drug and alcohol use, and genetics and blamed herself for the condition. Desperately searching for a way to resolve her anxiety, she turned to art and Recollection was born.

CAUTION Theatre Company

CAUTION Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre that challenges audiences to explore the deepest realms of human expression and connection. Through our commitment to creating interdisciplinary performances, CAUTION creates unique, visceral theatre experiences which serve as social commentary and evoke feelings of both nostalgia and revelation. By using an expressionist approach to devise brand new works, as well as develop existing ones, the performances produced by CAUTION Theatre Co. pave the way for a new realm of theatre which uses every part of the human experience to embody the expression of life.


Ensemble: Lauren Ackermann Beatrice Alonna Charlie Barney Dana Capanna Leah Cohen Leslie Elkins Antonia Natalie-Freas Nick Ware Kylie Westerbeck, Created & Directed by: Lauren Ackermann, Associate Directors: Leah Cohen & Kylie Westerbeck, Devised by: The Ensemble, Original Music by: Kylie Westerbeck, Production Coordinator: Charlie Lemaire, Lighting & Scenic Designer: Molly Jo, Sound Designers: Tyler Stone & Sean McCall, Dramaturg: Kim Gallagher, Featured Musicians: Bruce Ackermann, Danny Fencik, and more!


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